Design Your Own Three-day Masterclass for Personal, Organizational 0r Societal Transformation.

Spend three days talking with Richard Barrett and Christa Schreiber in their home in Italy. Arrive on the afternoon of Day 1. Days 2, 3 and 4 consist of morning and afternoon discussion sessions. Leave on the morning of Day 5.

Location: Villa Veneto, Lapedona, 63823 Province of Fermo, Italy.
See the house where you will be staying:

Accommodations for 3-5 people (three singles, or one double and two singles, or two doubles and one single).

Price per person £2,750 (includes accommodation and meals).

Distance to airports: Rome airport 292 km, Ancona airport 80 km, Pescara airport 110 km, Perugia airport 155 km.

Purchase an Immersion

Purchase an Immersion
Facing and overcoming the challenges of the Evolutionary Woman
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2021 - Date to be Announced
Facing and overcoming the challenges of the Evolutionary Woman
Due in large part to parental and cultural conditioning women face different challenges to men in giving full expression to their soul's desire for self-expression, connection and contribution. Cancellation Policy: To cover credit card charges and administrative fees, the Academy will retain 5% of the price of the course for all cancellations.
This immersion master class is designed to help women identify and overcome the challenges they face in becoming an evolutionary woman.
Please watch the video, The Evolutionary Woman to get an overview of the content of the master class.