Punchy! The Musical is the exploration of the wayward and conflicted George 'Punchy!' Armstrong, as he attempts to overcome the hardship and crimes of his young adulthood in post-war 1950’s London, his path to personal transformation is witnessed by the alarming  appearance of his 'Ego and 'Soul' and their struggle to influence his decisions... 

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About Jack Terroni: https://shor.by/Mc2e

In October 2017 composer Jack Terroni attended a retreat in Oxford, England organised by his friend, mentor and author Richard Barrett. A diverse range of professionals from creatives to therapists, lawyers, coaches and thought leaders gathered from across the globe to discuss the Barrett Academy's Humanity Awareness Initiative, to help create a world where all people and all living beings can thrive.

Jack was halfway through completing a collection of soulful songs he had written and Richard, who is known for his innovative work in the understanding of Ego/Soul dynamics, suggested Jack's songs be used as a basis for new musical...

Over the ensuing weeks, Jack fleshed out a narrative using Richard's non-fiction work 'What My Soul Told Me' as the basis for character development. The plot was finalised in a workshop in Tuscany (2018) and in what perhaps Carl Jung would describe as a synchronistic occurrence, Jack realised he had songs from over a decade of composing which, ineffably merged with precise touchpoints within the story.

The development stage of the production was now thoroughly underway.

In 2019, in a chance meeting with Dee Anderson of The Thunderbirds family, Jack was subsequently awarded 'Best New Music Video' at 'The Sylvia Anderson Awards' at Pinewood Studios and was introduced to Director, Amanda Noar.

Jack presented the project to Amanda who instinctively knew exactly the right playwright to bring the 'work-script' to life. That man was Kevin McMahon, whose Windsor-Fringe nominated 'Claykickers Chorus' had also been directed by Amanda.

Thus began Kevin's adaptation of the 'work-script' in his own inimitable fashion of bringing beauty, poignancy and humour to the dialogue. A mutual connection between Amanda and Kevin saw another pillar of dynamism added to the production team, in de factor co-producer Joan Lane, who singularly developed the motion picture 'The King's Speech'.

Punchy! The Musical and its cast had their first table reading 'virtually' over 'Zoom meetings' in the months following the 2020 global pandemic.
The show and its message stand poised, more now than ever, to offer alternative solutions to the next generation of audiences seeking to cultivate greater wellbeing, and resilience in the years ahead...