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If we look at evolution from the Big Bang to the present day, we notice two types of adaptation: physical adaptation and psychological adaption. As far as life on Earth is concerned, prior to the appearance of Homo sapiens, these two types of adaptation progressed in parallel. Physical adaptation led to species evolution, and species evolution was accompanied by psychological evolution—an expansion of conscious awareness and evolutionary intelligence.

Once Homo sapiens arrived on the evolutionary scene, evolution stopped being about physical adaptation and became all about psychological adaptation—personal psychological evolution and collective psychological evolution. New stages of personal psychological evolution led to new stages of collective psychological evolution (worldviews), and new stages of collective psychological evolution generated societal changes that fostered new stages of personal psychological evolution.  Fundamentally, therefore, all future evolution will be about human psychological evolution.

There are five pathways that support human psychological evolution. They all begin with the evolution of personal consciousness. The evolution of personal consciousness is supported by evolutionary coaching at a personal level and leadership development at a collective level. Leadership development leads to organizational and societal evolution.

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Richard Barrett
Richard Barrett is the Founder of the Barrett Values Centre (BVC) and the Founder and Director of the Academy for the Advancement of Human Values (The Barrett Academy). He is an internationally recognized thought leader in the evolution of values, culture and leadership in business and society.