Every six months the Barrett Academy takes in a new cohort of six people to be part of the Barrett Academy Fellowship Program. This is a two-year part-time study program. Full information is provided by clicking on the links below.

Barrett Academy Fellowship Program

A two-year part-time study program covering Richard Barrett’s 13 books based on all 18 E-learning courses. Please click the links below to find out more.
3 Foundation courses
4 Personal evolution courses
3 Societal evolution courses
Global Consciousness Indicator Research Project
3 Organizational courses
5 Leadership development courses
Dissertation on topic of your choice


Self-paced E-Learning courses designed and presented by Richard Barrett.

1. There are five modules: Foundation Courses, Personal Evolution, Organizational Evolution, Societal Evolution and Leadership Development.

2. You can design your own E-learning program by following a particular module or by picking and choosing your courses from different modules.  

3. There are two types of courses – E-Learning Courses and E-Info Courses. The E-Learning Courses are designed for the purpose of teaching. The E-Info courses are designed for the purpose of information dissemination.

4. Even though the amount of content in the E-Learning courses varies, the price is the same for each course (£185).

5. The E-learning courses present the essential content of the Richard Barrett’s writings in a concise and easily digestible format. Reading assignments from Richard Barrett’s books are included in many of the courses.
Note: The Barrett Academy is run as a not-for-profit company. All Academy income, after expenses, is reinvested in the research and teachings of the Academy. By purchasing an E-learning course you are contributing to the work of the Academy in furthering the evolution of human consciousness.

Take a sneak peak at some of the courses you will be working with below.