Endorsements for 
The Metrics of Human Consciousness

Richard Barrett offers us an exciting new direction for measuring consciousness. He has proven that the insights these measures bring can significantly improve our individual, organisational and societal performance. The work of the Barrett Values Centre stands as a testament to what can be achieved by seriously applying ourselves to the measurement of conscious.”Dr. Marc Gafni, Co-Founder and Director, Center for Integral Wisdom.

Dr. Zachary Stein, Academic Director, Center for Integral Wisdom

At the Barrett Values Centre (BVC) we have been using Richard Barrett’s models and tools to support leaders in measuring and transforming their cultures for almost two decades. The Cultural Transformation Tools have been used by banks, hospitals, mining companies, governments, manufacturers, IT organizations, schools, communities and nations. Organizations from all sectors of industry and society are discovering the transformational power of cultural measurement, focussed dialogue and targeted action. When leaders apply their hearts and minds to this work, we see happier and more engaged employees, which result in more productive, creative and successful organisations. The Metrics of Human Consciousness shows us why the measurement of consciousness matters; our experience at the BVC shows us this approach works.  

Phil Clothier, CEO, Barrett Values Centre