Endorsements for 
The New Leadership Paradigm

With relentless clarity and profound wisdom, Barrett lays out the most comprehensive leadership development process that has ever been presented in this field. The New Leadership Paradigm is a book of monumental importance for our collective future.

Niran Jiang, Co-founder and Director, Institute for Human Excellence, Australia

The seminal and revolutionary insights of The New Leadership Paradigm capture the essence of the kind of leadership the world needs today. This book is packed with wisdom and clarity on what vision-led, values-driven leadership is about.

Shirley Zinn, Group Executive Human Resources, Nedbank, South Africa

If you think the leadership we have today is the right leadership, read The New Leadership Paradigm. This book will not only enlighten you, it will change your mind.

Tor Eneroth, Culture Manager, Volvo IT Group, Sweden

The New Leadership Paradigm lays out a roadmap for leadership development based on broad empirical theories of how the world actually works. This timely book is a thought provoking next chapter in Barrett’s evolutionary, and revolutionary, thinking.

David Gebler, President, Skout Group, LLC, Boston, USA