Endorsements for 
The Values-Driven Organization

I am immensely grateful to Richard Barrett and to his organisation for my continued success, for changing my own philosophy of business and the way I approach change. In his new book, 'The Values-Driven Organisation,' Richard expands on his earlier work, and takes the opportunity to articulate why values are so important in shaping society and why they matter to humanity as a whole.

John McFarlane, Chairman Barclays Bank

Investors, regulators, and organisations of all scales and sectors are increasingly demanding more objective and granular evidence around culture. Richard’s latest book, “The Values-Driven Organization,” draws from a wide range of findings from the Barrett Cultural Values Assessment – a tool which has proven a very useful data source in our own analytics-led cultural assessments – and Richard’s own experience to provide practical insights and ideas that will be useful to a host of people with an interest in culture and transformation.

Kevin Hills, EY Culture & Integrity Lead Partner, UK and Ireland

I have been applying the principles and practices Richard Barret outlines in this book since 2010 with great results. The insights contained in this latest volume can help anyone become a more conscious leader of corporate culture.

Arvind Shankar, Global Managing Director, Accenture Enterprise Enablement

After implementing the principles outlined in Richard's book, I have seen my organisation excelling significantly in terms of employee engagement, passion, and creativity, leading to new state-of-the-art business solutions and an outstanding performance. Richard's Full Spectrum Leadership approach has been a great catalyst in transforming the leadership team's view on the value of Employee Well-Being as a major energizing factor for the success and the sustainability of the organisation.

Piet Lammens, General Manager, Statoil Coordination Center, Belgium