Endorsements for 
What My Soul Told Me

Richard Barrett is an outstanding author. His book: "What My Soul Told Me" is simply mastery. This is a serious book about a big topic in which he effortlessly brings into being and is able to put across very complex concepts simply, elegantly and articulately. Richard's explanations and expositions of the soul, the ego and consciousness are very well formed and easily grasped. It is a compelling approach and very accessible. I have been exploring this topic for some years myself now and have become dedicated to helping, guiding and teaching people to expand their awareness and consciousness as my own life's work. This book is without doubt one of the best books I have read on this topic to date.  - Andrew Jenkins

This is both an inspiring and practical book that helps to 'explain the inexplicable' in presenting some profound insights from the author's own experience and extensive journey into the inner world of ego and soul - and the dynamic relationship between the two. Using language and concepts that we can fully understand, albeit they may stretch your mind to a new dimension, Richard Barrett draws on and brings together the disciplines of science, religion and psychology to portray a practical way of living that enables and embraces a fully sustainable soul and ego partnership.

Chris Monk

This book provides a practical step-by-step guide to soul activation. This four step process involves: connecting with your soul, befriending your soul, trusting your soul and becoming one with your soul

You are a soul in a human body. Your ego is unaware that this is who you are. To fully step into soul consciousness, you must learn how to align the beliefs of your ego with the values of your soul, and fully commit to leading a values-driven and purpose-driven life.  

The ultimate arbiter of where you have got to on your journey into soul consciousness is the quality of the connections you have with other people—not just your family, friends and acquaintances, but the strangers who serve you in restaurants; those who mend your plumbing and your shoes; those who maintain your gardens and deliver your groceries; and, those who drive you in taxis and punch your tickets on trains.

Every person you meet is a soul who is working on the same project you are working on: every person you meet is a soul doing the best it can to promote the evolution of human consciousness. Rejoice, in your common heritage and in your common purpose by connecting with them wherever you are and whenever you can. Say hello to everyone you meet; be kind and gentle in your interactions, and support and comfort people in their times of need. When you fully realize who you are, you will understand that in caring for others, you are caring for yourself.