Endorsements for 
World View Dynamics and The Well-Being of Nations

This book is a game-changer which should be required reading for every political leader. An understanding of the concept of worldviews is essential for anyone wanting to initiate personal or cultural transformation. It provides us with a way forward – how we can move beyond our personal and cultural limitations to celebrate our essential unity.

Wendy Ellyatt,
Chief Executive, Flourish Project – Co-Chair, Global Council, Wellbeing Economy Alliance

This is a work of inspiration and impeccable timing, as we transit from one worldview to another. Worldview Dynamics and the Well-Being of Nations should be compulsory reading for anyone who would like to take a good look at the future we are about to embark upon. Richard’s book is an invaluable guide.

Lawrence Bloom,
Secretary General, Be Earth Foundation

Richard Barrett gives us a tantalizing glimpse of a splendid future that awaits us – when we are at last ready to dedicate our individual flourishing to a world that works for all.

Rev. Deborah Moldow,
Founder, Garden of Light and Director of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle of the Source of Synergy Foundation

Richard’s book is a must-read for anyone engaged in enabling human evolution toward life-affirming futures for all life on Earth. His book is well-written, concise, easy to read, insightful and unique; a truly vital contribution to the necessary [r]evolution in human consciousness now demanded by the systemic challenges we face.

Giles Hutchins,
Author of Future Fit and co-author of Regenerative Leadership, Chair of The Future Fit Leadership Academy