The Ego

Your ego is a field of conscious awareness that identifies with your physical body. Because the ego believes it inhabits a body and lives in a material world, it thinks it can die. Because it thinks it can die, it thinks it has needs, and because it thinks it has needs, it develops fears about not being able to get its needs met. Whenever you get, upset, impatient, anxious or fearful it is because you believe you have an unmet need. The principal needs of the ego are survival, safety and security.

The soul creates the ego around the age of two to act as a buffer to protect itself from the pain of separation it experiences when it is operating in a three-dimensional material world. It is important to understand that the ego is not who you are; it’s who you think you are. It is the personality mask you wear to get your needs met in the cultural framework of your existence.

The Soul

Your soul and the soul of every other human being is an individuated aspect of the universal energy field from which everything in our physical universe arises. Because the soul identifies with your energy field and not with your physical body, your soul knows it cannot die: consequently, it has no fears. Not only does the soul have no fears, it also has no needs. The reason your soul has no needs is because it creates whatever it desires through its thoughts. At the soul level, we live in a state of oneness. There is no separation. At this level of existence, giving becomes the same as receiving: when you give to others, you are giving to another aspect of yourself.

Ego-Soul Dynamics

Even though the soul has no needs in the way that the ego has needs, it does have desires. The desires of the soul are three-fold: to fully express its unique gifts and talents (finding meaning and purpose in your life), to connect with others in unconditional loving relationships (so you can make a difference), and to contribute to the well-being of humanity and the planet (to be of service).

The only thing preventing you from fulfilling your soul’s desires are the fears you learned when you were young about meeting your survival, safety and security needs.When the ego’s fears prevent the soul from fulfilling its desires, you feel sadness. If the situation persists you become depressed. Eventually, if you feel your situation is hopeless, you may commit suicide.

If you want to feel a sense of well-being and find fulfilment in your life you must learn how to master or release your ego’s fears. This can demand great courage.