At the core of every worldview is an underlying cosmology. In the worldview of People Awareness, the underlying cosmology was spirituality – a subjective experience of other dimensions of being and an exploration of the deepest values and meanings by which people live.

In the worldview of Humanity Awareness, the underlying cosmology is soul awareness – a subjective experience of our energetic reality and the source of our true being. You don’t have to call it soul awareness, nor do you have to embrace the idea that you have or are a soul; what is essential if you want to embrace the cosmology of Humanity Awareness is that you feel a strong sense of connection to all human beings, exclusive of nationality, race, religion, age or gender.

Whereas the focus of spirituality is on the ‘journey’, the focus of the cosmology of Humanity Awareness is on the ‘destination’ – the retrieval of soul consciousness – the awareness we had when we were born, which we lost when the pain of being present in material awareness became too great for our soul to bear. To protect itself, the soul created the psychic entity we call the ego to act as a buffer – to soak up the pain that comes from the experience of fear and separation.

The unique feature of the cosmology of Humanity Awareness is that it brings together psychology, spirituality and the cutting-edge theories of science into an overarching framework of understanding with the soul at the centre. In the cosmology of soul awareness, we let go of our attachment to the material dimension of existence and embrace the energetic dimension. We recognize that every human is a soul experiencing life in a human body and that we are all on the same evolutionary journey – we are just at different stations along the way.

Although we live our lives in physical awareness, we know we are not of this world. When we die, we do not lose consciousness; we simply divest ourselves of our bodies and our material awareness and move back into our full energetic awareness. Our physical body is the vehicle the soul uses to get around in material awareness, and until we recover our soul, the ego is the driver.

This understanding of the energetic nature of our being has major implications for health and healing. In the worldview of Humanity Awareness, we recognize that all mental and physical dis-ease arises from a lack of energetic alignment between the values and motivations of the ego and the values and motivations of the soul.

Our ego is a field of conscious awareness that identifies with our body. Our soul began to create the ego towards the end of the first two years of our life. It created the ego for two purposes: to protect the soul from the pain of separation it experiences living in a fear-driven world, and to care for our body in the material dimension of existence.

Our ego is not who we are: it’s who we think we are. It’s the mask we wear to get our needs met in the parental, social and cultural framework of our existence. Our ego reflects the beliefs we learned during the first 24 years of our life while our mind was developing, and our brain was growing. We must remove the ego mask – by letting go of our fears – if we want to live in soul awareness.

Because the ego believes it lives in a material world, it thinks it can die. Because it thinks it can die, it thinks it has needs, and because it thinks it has needs, it develops fears about not being able to get its needs met. We must learn to master these fears if we wish to live in soul awareness. The degree to which we overcome the fears of the ego is the degree to which we live in alignment with our soul.

Because the soul identifies with our energy field and not with our physical body, it knows it cannot die. Therefore, it has no fears. When we die, we don’t lose consciousness; we simply lose awareness of the three-dimensional material world. When we leave this physical world, we return to the energetic dimension of reality from whence we came.

The level of ego–soul alignment we achieve determines our mental and physical health and our sense of well-being. The degree to which we can let go of the fear-based energies of the ego is the degree to which we are able to experience the love-based energy of our soul.

Souls incarnate into the three-dimensional material awareness to fulfil three desires: to fully express their gifts and talents; to connect with other souls to make a difference in the world; and to contribute to the well-being of humanity and the planet. The degree to which we fulfil these desires significantly affects our mental and physical well-being.