The Arts

The arts have alwaysheld a special place in society because their purpose is to make public theinner workings of our souls.

Most of us do not let our light out, because we are afraid that our offeringwill not be good enough; that it will be judged unworthy. So, we look at andlisten to the works of the courageous souls who are attempting to make theirperfect offering, secretly hoping that through their inspiration we can findthe courage to access our own light within. We fail only because we lack thecourage to embrace our unique gifts and talents, or we prioritize success overwell-being, or status over self-expression.

The arts can be used to mirror our inadequacies and inspire us to become morefully who we are; to access our gifts and talents and make them public. Mostimportantly, the arts can be used to tell inspiring stories about how HumanityAwareness is creating a better world for everyone.

The arts holds the key to the flourishing of Humanity Awareness, because HumanityAwareness corresponds to the fifth stage of psychological development –self-actualization, the stage where we learn to access our soul’sself-expression. The Arts provide an avenue for us to express our unique giftsand talents in service to the growth and well-being of humanity. In theworldview of Humanity Awareness, children are encouraged to creatively expresstheir natural skills and talents.