It is important to recognize that school systems are organized to teach children what they need to know to support the dominant worldview. Thus, in the worldview of State Awareness there is a strong focus on physical fitness, sports, strategy and combat skills. In the worldview of Nation Awareness there is a strong focus on reading, writing and religious knowledge. In the worldview of Wealth Awareness there is a strong focus on mathematics, science, economics and business skills. In the worldview of People Awareness there is a strong focus on gender relations and emotional intelligence skills.

In the worldview of Humanity Awareness our education systems will focus on the development of the whole child. We will have child-centred education programmes that support children in staying close to their souls. Such programmes will seek to identify and support the development of our children’s natural gifts and talents; to connect with others in unconditional loving relationships; and to contribute to the well-being of the community.

In addition, there will be a strong support for the emotional and mental health of our children by teaching them how to make values-based decisions, practise mindfulness and engage in daily meditation and support for them as they transition through the conforming, differentiating and individuating stages of psychological development.

In Humanity Awareness, education systems will extend beyond the normal school years. We will be engaged in lifelong learning programmes that support people in mastering each of the adult stages of psychological development – individuating, self-actualizing, integrating and serving.

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