In the worldview of State Awareness, herbs and plants were used for healing. In the worldview of Nation Awareness, sacrifice and prayers were used for healing. In the worldview of Wealth Awareness, surgery and drugs were used for healing. In the worldview of People Awareness, in addition to surgery and drugs, we begin to see the introduction of alternative healing modalities involving the mind–body connection.

In the worldview of Humanity Awareness, we will see a significant increase in psychotherapeutic and energy approaches to healing as well as a focus on health maintenance and disease prevention. This will come about through a deeper understanding of the impact of ego–soul dynamics on the human energy field; the importance of cultural and environmental factors on physical and mental well-being; and the need to shift to organic methods of food production. We will also see a merging of Eastern and Western approaches to medicine.

In the worldview of Humanity Awareness, surgery and drugs will become the healing modalities of the last resort. Health practitioners will be trained in the care of the soul. There will be a shift in the understanding of who we really are. We will recognize that we are primarily energetic beings living in material bodies. We will come to realize that health disorders, mental and physical, reflect the energetic misalignment between the energy behind our ego’s motivations and the energy behind our soul’s motivations.

Physiological disorders associated with each stage of psychological development.

A discussion on the linkage between the stages of psychological development and physical and mental disorders can be found in A New Psychology of Human Well-Being: An Exploration of the Influence of Ego-Soul Dynamics on Mental and Physical Health. The precise nature of these linkages is still a work in progress and needs more research.